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Having started at an early age to combine my equal interest in
art and design with science and technology I have gone on to
developing skills in an unusually wide range of disciplines.
This has given me the ability, not only to work to a high standard in a variety of different areas, but also the understanding to communicate well in collaboration with others involved in a project.
My first experience with professional stage lighting was at the age of 10 when I used to hang out in the lighting box at Southampton Gaumont Theatre, learning about lighting and sometimes operating controls during a show whilst my mother was performing Gilbert and Sullivan on stage.
I also made my own lights for home performances and was involved with school productions.
During my 5 years at art college and design school I studied 3D design, materials and processes, designed several pieces of lighting equipment and kinetic sculpture and was also involved with effects lighting and stage productions.
Since then I  have worked a lot in the entertainment industry.
In 1985 I first started working with lasers - from designing and making individual mechanical and electro-mechanical components , to complete systems including many innovative designs.
I have made laser systems for night clubs, discos, exhibitions, conferences, public displays, promotional events, advertising, TV and video and scientific research including :
Battersea Power Station, Empire Leicesester Square, Heaven night club, Princess Norhagatti, Canary Wharf Tower, Science Museum, London, Greenwich Royal Observatory, various bands and TV, film and advertising companys.

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